Allan Tannenbaum - Photo Editor / Chief Photographer 1973 - 1982
My Best SoHo Cover
A.T. in SoHo 2/1975 Photo: Cosmo
"Yeah, you know how to take pictures," SoHo News publisher Michael Goldstein said to me after flipping through my portfolio in the fall of 1973, "I'm giving you an assignment. We pay $5.00 per photo. If you do a good job, I'll put you on staff for $40.00 per week." I left his loft thinking, "YES - This is it - the break I've been waiting for!"
My first NYPD press card
From Volume One Issue 10 until the last day in March 1982, I had one of the best jobs in New York. Covering SoHo, Music, Nightlife, Politics, and Society relentlessly gave me a body of work that is the subject of a book I'm hoping to publish soon. It's called SoHo Blues - A Personal Photographic Diary of New York City in the 1970s. To read more about it and see lots of photos, please click my logo below.
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There is also much information on my site about my years after SWN as an international photojournalist, as well as many photo galleries of work from 1982 until the present. And to bring things full circle, I am now a contributing photographer with The Tribeca Trib.
Intrepid Photographer, based on the Inquiring Photographer, was a regular column of mine for a while. Logo design by Art Director Michael Longacre.
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I'm planning to put a gallery of my SoHo News work on this site, as well as use my photos that were accompanying the written pieces people will be posting here. We would also like other SWN contributing photographers to add their photos to the Photography section . And there are many documentary photos of SWN offices, personnel, and events that will be added as time permits.