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The second edition of Allan Tannenbaum's SoHo News book from Overlook Press is now available in paperback in addition to hardcover.
Originally published by Feierabend Verlag in 2003, the book is 272 pages in hardcover tabloid format.
We regret the recent passing of former SoHo News staffers Rudi Stern and Sarah Longacre. Please click their names for memorial sites.
Lesley Vinson with U.S. Flag has moved here.
Command and Control: Mudd Club Owner Steve Mass coordinates Combat Love at the Mudd Club, June 1979. Photograph ©2003 Allan Tannenbaum

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Best Job I Ever Had!

New York, Nov. 21, 2002

A website of, by, and for the former staffers, fans, and friends of the SoHo Weekly News has been launched with the generosity of Michael Goldstein and the energy of Peter Occhiogrosso, Sarah Longacre, Allan Tannenbaum, Sylvia Topp, and others. Ideas, suggestions, photos, art, web pages, and links are more than welcome. The idea is to facilitate communication between colleagues, share memories of a great era, and have some fun!

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